Lifestyle, Marketing, Fashion Videography


Kamana Media is available for all types of marketing videos, behind the scenes videos, and corporate videos in Hawaii. We can create the look you want to promote your brand, product, and company.

We love to shoot behind the scenes videos for local luxury brand magazines such as Kauai Lifestyle Magazine and Pacific Weddings Magazine. 


Kauai Music Videos

We also love working with musicians, artists, and other creatives. These are two examples of music videos we shot in Kauai. With music videos, the possibilities are endless, and Kauai provides an exquisite backdrop for all kinds of footage. Many gorgeous local, national and international music videos have been shot here on Kauai.

Kauai luxury real estate videography

We also offer Real Estate Videography for luxury home listings in Kauai and in all Hawaii, and work with many prominent local realtors to provide the best real estate videography available on the island.